Our store was born in 2017, when we immigrated to Florida from Venezuela.


As an agricultural producer, specializing in Livestock in Israel, with love of the land, the field that comes from family and working in the valleys of Yaracuy for more than 30 years. Dedicated to the milking of cows and to the production of different types of white cheeses: hard, soft, crineja, mozzarella, boconccini, creams of milk and serum. This gives us the opportunity to offer them in our store where you can find products of the highest quality.


At Gusticos, we offer you much more than Latin American food, we offer you an entire experience to your palate.


Our goal is to make Latin foods available to the growing Latino population, and to those who enjoy our cuisine and food of excellent quality. Our Latin foods obtain the most authentic flavor in each product. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer!


Visit us and give yourself a gustico!